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No Boundaries International South Carolina is a trauma-informed nonprofit committed to restoration, training, and outreach to the body of Christ as well as to those who feel lost in extreme hardships in life.


Thank you for Blessing us to do the work we love.

We are so grateful to the 45 donors who helped us raise over $16,500 for our first Palmetto Giving Day! Thanks also to everyone who prays for our ministry and who volunteers with us on the food truck and attends our Journey to Restoration class.

This Wednesday morning, I was in my happy place on the food truck with my husband Jeff and volunteers Bill, Teresa and Tammi. We were parked at 99 Baskervill Road on the property of Holy Cross Church and next to the Baskervill Food Pantry, the Smith Medical Clinic and down the road from St. Elizabeth's housing. We had prepared a hearty, meat-filled spaghetti sauce to serve over pasta and alongside green beans. Our amazing volunteer team of bakers had made homemade chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies to accompany the day's lunch. Because "someone" had to taste test the cookies (lol) I can confirm that they were Delish! We are always committed to serving food that 1) we would fix for ourselves or to guests in our home and 2) is nutritious and delicious and 3) always includes a prayer. I like to think that we serve prayer with a side of lunch.

The highlight of the morning, however, was when "Bea" drove her car up and got out to tell me that she didn't want any lunch, she just wanted someone to pray with her for her son "Mike" who has left home and gotten in with a bad crowd in another city. Bill and I talked with her for a few minutes and then offered to pray with her for her son. I wish I could tell you what a privilege that was, and always is, when someone is willing to share their hearts' desires and deepest needs for their loved ones with you to lift them up to the Lord in prayer. It is always a humbling and blessed moment. Tears are often shed and hands are squeezed and hugs are given. And in those moments I think we see what God sees...His children who need to be reminded of how much they are loved and how cherished they are.

Scripture tells us in Romans 8:28, "we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." And we meet so many people living in hard places or facing hard medical diagnoses who need to be reminded of who they are, even if their circumstances don't change and they don't get well. They need to know that the God of the universe sees them, knows them and loves them. And that is where Hope and restoration is found. And this Hope goes by another name too, and that's Jesus.

Jesus often shared meals with people to teach His lessons about the kingdom of God. That's one reason we love ministering to people in a food truck. A meal is something meant to be shared. It is also a sign of affection to prepare a home-cooked meal for someone. We at NBISC want to Love like Jesus. So in addition to coming along other 501c 3 charities like the food pantry and Friendship Place to nourish people "body and soul," we are committed to helping them restore a right relationship with the Lord through our "A Journey of Restoration" classes. Life is hard and trials and trauma affect us in different ways. We may think we're "over" something, yet we feel like something is holding us back from living the life God intended for us. The Journey of Restoration and healing prayer can help. We are completing our first 12-week class now and will announce the start date for the next one soon.

Thank you again for your generosity and prayers for NBISC. Consult the calendar on our website for upcoming events and food truck service dates. If you'd like to sign up for a class or to volunteer, please send us an email at Blessings to you and yours! Michele

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We love you guys and all you do for your ministry!!!❤️

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