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THANK YOU to our amazing team of

volunteers!  So far in 2023, we've served over 7,500 meals

to our neighbors in need in South Carolina.

Bevinn & Glenn Herrmann, Martha Culler, Peggy Hood, Linda Meyer, Ric & Janice Hucks, Diane Hucks, Ginny Bulmer, Teresa Wright, Tammi Strasen, Renee Wente, LaVonne Wieringa, Daryl deGraaf, Lisa Kesler, Heather Boyle, Bill Carroll, , Shannon Davis, Cyndi Garris, Nancy Trimble, Laurie Hanscomb, Angela Painter, Sally Tutton, Braxton Medure, Tracey Burdo, 

and to our bakers!  Randall & Della Ramsey, Marilyn Sisti, Diane Fornhals, Joyce Russo, Vonn Jones, Jennifer Hagaman, Angela Painter, Debbie Carroll, Sandy Guseman, Becca Cartledge.


No Boundaries International  South Carolina is a trauma-informed nonprofit committed to restoration, training, and outreach to the body of Christ as well as to those who feel lost in extreme hardships in life.

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