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Restoration Ministry: Isaiah 61 and Luke 4:18 describe the ministry of Jesus, which includes sharing or preaching the Good News of salvation to everyone, healing the broken-hearted, setting captives free, giving sight to the blind, and restoring the generations that have been devastated by the sins of the fathers. Life hurts us, in some cases from conception, and through the powerful ministry of inner healing prayer, our Abba Father, who designed us and knit us together in the womb (Ps 139:13-16), can and does heal us, restoring us to His original design and identity in Him. It is only when we know who we are as His children that we can recognize and realize our God-ordained destiny. 


A Journey of Restoration.  12-week e-course to do individually or with in-person group sessions.  Have you ever said, "There's GOT to be more to life"? Or do you feel "stuck" in your life--unable to get past some pain or hurt in your life?  Join us to learn how to change how you think using foundational biblical principles combined with neuroscience-made-easy.

Because when you change your brain--you change your life!


Healing Prayer Appointments: Contact Shannon Davis at 843-481-0804 or email

Train...We value “revelation” as opposed to “information,” for it’s through revelation that life change happens; it is through life change that world change is possible. There is a critical difference between simply “hearing” the Gospel message and “receiving” it within one’s heart, mind and spirit! Our goal is to awaken the churched and un-churched to live life in the release of the Holy Spirit. Individual mentoring for counsel, prayer and direction are available upon request… whatever is warranted for growth and healing. Training includes on-going Bible studies, book studies, healing prayer training and training for outreach on the food truck.


Healing Prayer Training Intensive Weekends: 

If you feel called to serve in this ministry, Healing Prayer weekends are held two times a year.

Contact: Shannon Davis at

Outreach... (volunteer opportunities)


Prayer Outreach: We offer prayer as part of our food truck outreach ministry and also pray with guests at Friendship Place once a month.  Outreach members must be trained before serving in this ministry.  

Contact: Michele Herwig, 843-481-0804

Princess Parties: Game changing events of loving well. Graduates of Georgetown Works Boot Camp are celebrated for their commitment to restoration. Let us know if you are interested in hosting and serving at one of our parties this year.  We hosted a dozen ladies at our recent Princess Party in February.  Contact: Michele Herwig at



No Boundaries Int. SC Food Trailer. We take our ministry on the road wherever the Lord leads.  We've brought the trailer to several events for the Carolina Human Reinvestment SC community garden to feed local children and their families.  We currently serve lunch and offer prayer every Wednesday to neighbors in need at Baskervill Food Bank, Smith Medical Clinic and senior residents of St. Elizabeth's Place. We welcome volunteers and monetary donations as we seek to increase the number of places we go to feed and pray for those in need in Georgetown and Horry counties. "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34:8

Contact Michele at 843-481-0804 or to help with the food truck ministry.




Outreach to Non-profit service providers: Full or part-time service to “those in hard dark places” is exhausting! Our ministry serves those already working to make a significant difference in the lives of those staff persons by praying with them and assisting them as the opportunity and need arises.



No Boundaries International  South Carolina is a trauma-informed nonprofit committed to restoration, training, and outreach to the body of Christ as well as to those who feel lost in extreme hardships in life.

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