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No Boundaries International South Carolina is a trauma-informed nonprofit committed to restoration, training, and outreach to the body of Christ as well as to those who feel lost in extreme hardships in life.


No Boundaries International - South Carolina, NBISC, is a trauma-informed, nonprofit ministry committed to restoration, training, and outreach to the body of Christ, as well as, to those who feel lost in extreme hardships. We were originally incorporated in April of 2019 by Acton Beard of Pawleys Island.

Since then we have had the opportunity to minister to hundreds of people in and around Georgetown and Horry Counties. Our heart is to demonstrate the love of Jesus as we go outside of the four walls of the church and encounter His people. NBISC seeks to reach out on a street level and provide realistic solutions to those in need as we believe that the body of Christ should be the solution to the injustices that we see in the world. We also offer various restoration, training and discipleship opportunities for those who are ready to go deeper with Jesus and walk in the mission culture found in this community. We know from experience that healing must happen in us first and then through us.

Our Mission:  Love like Jesus

John 15:12

Why? Jesus changes everything

Ephesians 4:20-24

NBISC is a 100%, volunteer, 501c3 ministry. We share the love of Christ through restoration, discipleship, outreach and healing prayer ministry.  We live it out by training, going and serving.

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Jeff Herwig is CEO of No Boundaries International - South Carolina. Jeff practiced as an attorney for 42 years. He was the managing partner of Herwig & Humphreys, LLC for 25 years and was then appointed by the Governor to the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission where he served for 12 years.  He currently is a certified mediator helping resolve legal disputes out of court.  Jeff has traveled internationally on missions trips to Ukraine and Costa Rica, being the hands and feet of Jesus to the broken and the lost. Now, as CEO of NBISC, Jeff combines his love of justice with his deep love for people in bringing the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

Michele Herwig is President of No Boundaries International - South Carolina. She has a Masters degree in publications design and enjoyed a career in public relations in her hometown of Baltimore. She also has many years of experience in office administration and as a volunteer with Young Life Howard County, MD. Since 2000, Michele has been active in local and international missions and carries the heart and the vision of the NBISC - to see people have their basic needs met all the while feeding them spiritually.

Shannon Davis is Vice President of No Boundaries International - South Carolina. As a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2004, Shannon brings a heart to see people set free from the hurts of their past and walking into the fullness of their future in Jesus Christ. Shannon facilitates free "A Journey of Restoration" study groups, combining her therapeutic experience combined with biblical principals as she ministers to the hurt and broken in our community.

Cynthia Garris is Marketing Director for No Boundaries International - South Carolina. Cyndi is the owner/operator of Sign World in Myrtle Beach since 1989. Cyndi has an extensive history of serving the body of Christ and a servants heart. She loves use her experience of healing through Jesus to come alongside others who are asking Jesus Christ to heal them.


NBISC Leadership

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